In 2002, with not one but three creative streams all carrying her in differing directions, Gail Knight decided to channel them into the one tidy boutique setup and name it Creations by Knight.

Today, we need to get one thing straight – this is not an advertising agency. Creations by Knight is all about the word. A well executed string of words can move armies to greatness as much as draw a tear from the hardened heart of a warrior. This is where the word is exalted, but it has to be the right word for the right occasion.

Since its inception, Creations by Knight has surfed the wave of digital awareness to deliver hundreds of perfectly researched blogs as well as punchy web pages, company tag lines and perfectly balanced eDMs. I operate on words of action, delivered in the most direct execution possible. I understand humans and humanity, so fluff isn’t welcome in my copy. It just doesn’t cut a strong message.

When you need to make an impact with some specially chosen words, choose the Creations by Knight.